Web development has become increasingly important in recent years and 2016 is no exception. As websites move forward, it’s become increasingly important for companies to understand where web trends are taking things so they’re not left behind.

1. Microinteractions
Microinteractions will be a big part of web development throughout 2016. Already, websites such as Facebook have implemented Notification Cards that give users browser updates when a new website notification is active. Little things, such as websites syncing with users alarms, or asking to sync with a user’s phone settings will become something many websites will begin to implement.

2. Card Layouts
Used in companies such as Pinterest and TNW News, boldly placed card layouts will begin to become more trendy throughout 2016. The card layouts give websites a number of benefits for their user base including higher ‘new user’ opt-ins – due to their simplicity – and higher click throughs for an already active user base.

3. Video
It’s no secret that having videos on you website boosts sales. With increasing website speeds and a look towards user engagement, videography on websites is becoming increasingly important. Videography mixed with parallax effects will show up more often in web development as 2016 comes around.

4. More Illustrations
In 2015, illustration became increasingly popular and 2016 will be no different. More and more websites are beginning to find that illustrations make it easier for users to put themselves into the role of customer when they are being used. Illustrations will likely show their way into web development as banners and headers.

As 2016 unfolds, you can keep your business ahead of the competition by using these web development trends. If you need any help implementing these trends feel free to contact us for a free consultation.