The 3-step Process To Researching Your Market Like A Pro

If you want to take your product from just outright good to great, than taking the time to get a good understanding of your market is a must.

A half thought out method just won’t cut it in today’s work environment.

You can think of marketing like going to the dentist, everyone knows they have to do it, just no one wants to. But if you fail to do it, and do it properly, there can be consequences.

Luckily for you, marketing doesn’t have to be so painful.

Using the tricks that follow, we’re going to show you how we increased the traffic on one of our website by nearly 200x just by knowing the market!

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Step 1: Know the Competitors and “Dont compete”

Competition with others can seem like a likely path for many, but it’s a costly mistake. One of the first things you should look into is if anyone else is doing what you’re planning to. Or worse, if anyone’s already doing the exact same thing you’re doing. Competing like restaurants just isn’t good for business. If you can’t differentiate yourself, you’re going to have a hard time taking away the customers that many of the people in the market have spent years trying to gain the attention of.

Step 2: Look Online For Reviews of Similar Products

The next thing you should look into when looking at a market is reviews. Reviews these days are seemingly limitless and you should take full advantage of it. See what others are saying about people doing things similar to what you’re planning to do. Think about these questions: Are the reviews good or bad? Is there something that people feel isn’t satisfied that could lead to untapped markets?

Step 3: Use Google Analytics and know Traffic

Finally, once you’ve completed steps one and two, sign up for some form of traffic checking application. The most popular ones out today are SEO MOZ and Google AdWords: through these sites you’ll be able to gain valuable insights into your competition and see just how many people are searching for the product you plan on providing.

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Using these methods, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights into your markets without spending countless hours of pain searching the web for little bits and pieces.

If you need any help with your marketing, contact us for a free consultation.