About Centaur Management

Centaur Management is the leading provider of consulting services to foreign companies, expats and generally, anyone looking to do business in Thailand. We understand that the language barrier can make communication with Thai companies difficult. This is where our team of Thai and English speaking experts excel. From document translations to business co-ordination or even planning a trip around Thailand, we are here to help.

Centaur is also the holding company of FX Siteworks, your “one-stop-shop” for digital services. With our combined expertise in web design and development, internet Marketing, server administration, network technologies and hosting services, we are ideally positioned to design and implement solutions which offer ‘across-the-board’ practical and commercial benefits to our clients.

Centaur Management places customer satisfaction to the highest standard. Each of our client’s information and details are kept confidential and will never be compromised on our end. Trust and respect are necessary for strong relationships and Centaur Management is known for their straightforward, good work. Reputation is everything when choosing a reputable company to support you business and poor service providers do not last very long, which is another reason we have been in business for so long while others have been forgotten.

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