Product Management & Marketing Training

In 2014, Centaur Management formed a strategic partnership with Australian company Brainmates Pty Ltd. Brainmates provides Training solutions for Product Management and Product Marketing professionals throughout Australia and South East Asia who want to improve their skills, validate their own approach, or learn a consistent method for a complex role.

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About Brainmates

Brainmates dream of a happy world with organisations filled with amazing Product Managers creating and rejuvenating products and services that their customers love.

The two founding Brainmates Adrienne Tan and Nick Coster are the driving force behind this dream. The start of their magnanimous dream began by offering interim Product Management resources and training to medium and large organisations in 2004. Their next move was to establish a vibrant Australian Product Management community by curating regular talks and hosting Product Camps. They went on to create a practical Product Delivery framework enabling Product Leaders to optimise their Product Delivery processes across multiple industries including media, finance, medical devices and government.

When they are not changing the world, one organisation at a time, Brainmates gallivant around the world sharing their thought-leadership and stories about Product Management with Product professional audiences and executives on a regular basis.