Invoicing Services

Invoicing in Thailand requires companies to follow strict timelines and regulations. There's the 7% normal tax, the 3% withholding tax refund, the list seems endless. To make things worse, a simple mistake can mean going back and starting again which costs you time, money, and a whole lot of wasted energy.

Here at Centaur Management, we know invoicing can be complex and confusing to businesses starting out in Thailand. That's why we provide our users with a simple and easy to use invoicing application for all of their invoicing needs.

Here are a few things we can help you with:

We can manage your monthly invoices
We chase down debtors, saving you time and money
We offer an online and easy to use invoicing application (Available in early 2016)
We can help you weave through the complex Thai invoicing process

And for more complex invoicing, we offer professional grade invoice consulting and assessment so you can get back on your way to earning profits and focusing on what matters.