Administrative Services

Administration & Organisation

Administrating over your business can be confusing and can often times just end up costing you money and time that you otherwise could have spent on more important things. As a business owner, you're probably pushed with the questions: What should I be doing right now to increase my sales, who was it again that I am supposed to email today, how do I input my customer's data? Let's face it, running a business can just be downright confusing and time consuming.

Centaur Managements' team, with over 40 years of experience in the industry between them can simplify your business administration services by providing you with a comprehensive virtual assistance package to help make your customers happy and save you time. We offer a wide range of virtual assistance services to help you take your business to the next level.

Administrative Tasks

We can help you with administrative tasks such as invoicing, which we can provide through our quick and simple invoicing application – no more worrying whether or not you’ve been paid for the job.
We let you get back to business with professionally organised scheduling where we help you to know what is most important to your business and what will get you results right now.


Organising your employees in an efficient way where they’re all doing what they’re best at can be a challenge. We help you organise your business structure, employee task, and even your client schedules through proven and easy to understand applications like Google Docs.

Professional & On-Time Email Response

We know how important it is to provide professional and on-time email support to customers. Our trained staff can take your email listing to the next level responding to your emails professionally and on schedule.
With our comprehensive team of email marketing experts using enterprise grade HTML, we can help you create your emails to be beautiful and to get you the response you’re looking for from your email campaigns.

Data Entry

Data entry can tedious and one little mistake can make your end results completely unusable. Our data entry support specialists can make your data entry a fun process and can help ensure you get the right data entered all of time..