Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is umbrella term for all activities which enhance the popularity and interaction of your site with other sites and within the various social networks in the web space.

The web is now an extension of our physical, social domains and its citizens now search their online social networks for reliable information much the same way they would ask it of their friends and colleagues. It is therefore imperative that your website is perceived as a contributor of value.

Social Media relates to how you can make use of third party engines to proliferate your valuable content to a wider community, who will then consume and redistribute it to an ever-widening group. It is about initiating self-sustaining conversation within members of social networks. These conversations will become the basis for viral marketing.

Centaur Management can aid your SMM/SMO campaign by:

Identifying the pro’s and con’s of individual social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc) as they relate to your overall product marketing strategy
Creating bespoke plug-ins and widgets for interaction between your site and a wider social network (i.e. Facebook)
Creating and executing offsite strategies for RSS/Blog Marketing
Participation in relevant forum groups and discussions
Social bookmarking of your site