Re-branding- the best precursor to your marketing effort

An article from one of our US writers

As the summer season begins to wind up, now is a wonderful time to start the full preparation for a successful fall season. As most folks resume from vacation and kids heads back to school, the fall season present ample opportunity for savvy business owners to up the tempo of their marketing efforts and make more money.
If you have been struggling with your business; perhaps you are not getting to the next level as you have planned, the fall present the perfect opportunity to start making some progress by exploring other business marketing solutions that you may have ignored in the past. Other than consistency and focus, expanding your client base and making profit either offline or online requires innovative methods to get to the top.

As fall approaches, many businesses have begin rolling out their Christmas sales stocks and they general mood of the population tend to favor buying. This is the ideal season for buying and selling and you should position your business to take advantage of the season sales by improving your advertising and marketing efforts.
Rebranding, however, is the most innovative means of reaching your potential audience if your business has been in limbo over a long period or you have not been making a lot of sales lately. Rebranding serves as a great way of reintroduce your business to your customers or potential customers. A brand isn’t just a logo, nor is it an extension of your marketing strategy in a complete sense. Branding or rebranding represents your business personality, ethics, tone of your voice, value and even your experience in the niche. It forges customer loyalty and entrenches marketing position.

Branding is perhaps the most significant aspect of any business online or offline. If image is everything, then this image needs to be perfect. As fall approaches, you need to appear as a well established business and create customer loyalty through brand value.

A good starting point for your business branding or rebranding effort is your audience. If you are able to get into their head, then you can appeal to them. If you don’t, you may discover you have offended or put them off. Your may be planning on changing your target audience this fall, but always make sure you are totally clear about your target audience before you proceed. The next thing is your communication. What are your core brand values? Do you have any branding or rebranding position? What are your major UPSs? And how do you intend to communicate them? The best way is graphically through your brand or rebranding style which includes your logo, business or product name, sales tone of voice and typography. All this factors are a lot easier to perfect if you take a proactive rather than a reactive approach. Getting them clear in your mind from the start will afford you a greater understanding of how you want to be perceived.

The above stated design element of your branding is something you should devote a lot of time to, because as soon as you have a solid style, it will important for you to consistently implement it across all your marketing and advertising platform and materials. These marketing platforms and materials include your stationary suite, direct mail, brochures, office signage, PowerPoint presentations, email signatures and most importantly your website.

While preparing for the fall, it is important you build your brand recognition. Make your brand as visible as possible through the use of branded items and you can even create a favorable impression with the fall season themed freebies such as mouse mats, mugs, pens and stress balls. Your company logo and website will be the most recognizable feature of your business and it is important to take advantage of the benefit that promotion gives you to showcase it. Business promotional item distribution is a sure way to get your business in front of people and increase sales in the fall.

As you must have realized by now, you don’t have to be a genius at branding to succeed. It simply take a well orchestrated communication, delivered in a simply way to your target audience. It will definitely take money, time and attention to detail to create a successful brand. Your starting point however, needs to be the recognition that branding is worthwhile for the fall and in the long run. Once you have this established, it is now up to you to on how far you want to go with your marketing effort for the fall season.