3 Cool Places Your Co-Workers Wish They Could See In Thailand

Phanomrung Historical Park of Thailand

Phanom Rung Historical Park of Thailand

Let’s face it, if we’re doing our job, chances are we work a lot. And working can be great, it can put money in our pockets, and help others to succeed exponentially.


The problem comes in when we work too much, with little to no fun. It can lead to an agitated work environment, and even cause people to start having mishaps and a lower quality of work.
In this article, we’ll show you some of the cooler places you can visit in Thailand – we’ll give you a list of places you and you coworkers can get away too for less than you think!

1 Phanom Rung

Rated a 4.5 by TripAdvisor, and having the average review saying something to the effect of: “it’s a must-see”, Phanom Rung is a great place to go for anyone looking to get away from the office. Sitting almost atop a volcano (not active), Phanom Rung was built in the 12th century and features warm brick sanctuaries.

2 Ko Nang Yuan

Ko Nang Yuan is its own island paradise, and provides a getaway for anyone that’s been in the office too long. The island features everything from snorkeling, to zip lines through the forest, to boat rides in the crystal clear water. The secluded island is everything you need to get away and start to feel relaxed again.

3 Mu Ko Ang Thong Natural Park

If one island isn’t enough for you and your business, try 20+ islands. That’s just what the Mu Ko Ang Thong Nation Park is, a reserve featuring lush rain forests, dolphins, and of course, beautiful must-see beaches. You arrive at the island in ferries and there are plenty of camping spots and inns to stay in for your relaxing adventure.

By visiting these places, you and your coworker can prevent an all-out emotional breakdown and get the useful rest that you guys deserve.

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